Hours of skill. Years of experience.

Being able to tell whether a tree will make the grade just by looking at it is a rare skill. And one that we pride ourselves upon.

Sourcing, designing and making cricket bats has been our family business for five generations. This is how the Swannack bat you hold in your hands is made today.

Every willow tree used to make each Swannack bat is handpicked by us, then the tree is marked, cut into clefts and stripped of its bark.

Then the real fun begins. The face and back of the Swannack bat is shaped, the blade is pressed – so it can handle balls bowled at speeds of 100mph – and the Singapore cane handle is fitted, just forward of the blade, allowing for flexibility and shock absorption when you’re out on the field.

The weight and balance is now checked. But not before the shoulders are cut and blended. The handle is bound and the facing edges boned, while the blade is waxed and polished. And, finally, we give it our seal of approval – the Swannack name and logo. Now it’s ready for you.

Where It All Started

1867. That's the year Percy Surridge started making his crickets bats.

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