Where It All Started

Cricket runs in our blood – from our great uncle Stuart Surridge to the new generation: Welcome to the family.


That’s the year Percy Surridge started making his cricket bats.

Five generations later, the Surridge family bring you a new name in cricket – Swannack.

Percy Surridge was a man who was headstrong, good with his hands and willing to take risks. For years he made crickets bats for a company in London, but something niggled him – they weren’t done the way he would make them and he was sure he could do better.

In 1867, Percy took a leap of faith and set up his own business repairing and making cricket bats. We’re not sure what he called his first bat, but it must have been a success because the business – which eventually became known as Stuart Surridge & Co – thrived.


Cricket ran in our blood. Our great uncle, Stuart Surridge, captained Surrey when it won the championship 5 years on the trot – a record that remains unbeaten.

And he designed the great Jumbo bat, made popular by Viv Richards and Clive Rice. While our father, John Surridge, designed the infamous Turbo bat, used by Graham Gooch to set his record of 333 runs in the test match against India in 1990.

At its peak the business was sold, but our father continued his love of the long game, sourcing and supplying the finest English willow to cricket bat makers throughout the world. Something he still does to this day.


Like our great, great grandfather, something niggled us – the desire to do better. So, in 2017 we launched Swannack. Our father’s middle name and also the maiden name of his mother.

Our exclusive cricket bats are designed, sourced and made all in the UK. Something very few other brands can claim to do. We make bats that you’ll be proud to own. And bats that we’re so proud of we stake our name by them.

Welcome to the family,

Charley & Stephen

The 5th generation of Surridges