What does a Llama and cricket have in common?

No, it is not the intro into a terrible joke, but a genuine question. The answer, for Swannack’s latest club partner, Reigate Priory Cricket Club, is that the animal lends its name to their internal 20-overs competition, The Llama Strike Competition.

First XI player and proud Llama, Andy Delmont, has shared with Swannack some of the highs and lows of playing club cricket in our first player diary.


Why did you begin playing club cricket? 

I began with fun club cricket aged around 10,  but moved onto more serious club cricket aged 12.  It was still just fun, and was always about fun as we were only 12, but it was more serious competition.


What’s your favourite thing about playing club cricket? 

150% the lads and team mates that you spend your Saturday afternoon with. Lifelong friends are made at any club you play at and you may not even realise it but there will always be a special bond and if you see each other in 20 years you will still have the memories.


What’s the funniest thing that has happened whilst playing club cricket?

Definitely our old captain Neil Saker who thought he was a big quick and he got hit into the Vice Presidents house next to the ground. The ball landed in the VC’s pool. It went about 130metres. Hilarious scenes.


Why do you enjoy playing in the Llama Strike Competition?  

It certainly brings the whole club together and it is a great opportunity for all of use to mingle on a Thursday and play with people we don’t get to see on a weekend.


What’s the story behind the Llama?

We just made it up last year! No reasoning behind it really.


Have you played with a Swannack bat yet?

Yes I used the red Caerus last Thursday. But I have also had net sessions with the Kratos and Apollo! I have tried them all out for a fair while. The Caerus is a beauty! A few came out the of the middle and they pinged off beautifully. The other two are great as well and all have a full-length middle area.


What has been your season highlights so far? 

Definitely the 1 wicket victories we had earlier in the season. Dick Stevens and Will Hodson have been the saviours. Unbelievable efforts from those two lads in consecutive weeks.


What’s been your biggest achievement for the club? And how did it feel? 

Winning the premiership in 2014. It doesn’t get better than that and would love to win another one soon…


What’s been the club’s biggest achievement, to date?

Definitely the participation rate of the junior program and watching the girls and boys teams expand. After being at the club for 6 years to see the youngsters I was coaching in 2012 still playing is great. Only, I am now threatened that a few will take my spot!

To find out more visit Reigate Priory’s website: www.reigatepriorycc.co.uk