The Urn has returned!

Whether this fills you with joy or makes you reach for a stiff drink, a series between Australia and England will always ensure the year ends with excitement and drama. And whilst we at Swannack are yet to burn a bat and fight each other for the glory of raising its ashes aloft, we too have ended 2017 filled with excitement.

Our Swannack elves are busy laying the groundwork to kick-start (hint hint) the New Year with new projects, and whilst we parcel up the Apollo won by Matthew Grindley in ‘The Cricketer’ Magazine competition, we have found time to reflect on what a year it has been.

Launching our ‘Cricket Club Partnership Programme’ in the summer was the first step in our drive to support and engage with grassroots cricket –  something close to the Surridge family. We also welcomed onto the team Scotland’s Katie McGill, who had previously played with our Cricket Club Parter Reigate Priory CC. Katie, Kratos in hand, helped Scotland’s ‘Wild Cats’ finish top of the table in the ‘Women’s World T20 Europe/America’s Qualifier’. Katie and her Scotland team mates head to The Netherlands in June 2018 in the final step towards The World T20 in the Windies.

Team Swannack also went out on the road, visiting the Berkshire County Show in September. With our ‘how to make a bat’ stand set up, we spent a weekend teaching visitors young and old how cricket bats are made. Being the local bat maker to the area it was great to reach so many people and have an opportunity to spread some Swannack brand awareness. And look forward to getting back onto the road and returning in 2018!

A new year is the time to look ahead, and Swannack will be wasting no time in building up to the 2018 season – launching our Kickstarter campaign on January 22nd. With lots of amazing content and an opportunity for you to get involved with our tailored packages, we hope you will join us in January and expand our ever growing cricket family for another chapter in the Swannack story.