The Swannack Warranty
Our manufacturing process always aims to get the optimum performance out of any Swannack bat.

The English willow and cane used in bat production are natural materials that deteriorate with use – even with the best preparation. They cannot be made impervious to the effects of yorkers, mistimed edge shots, excessive tapping and general wear and tear, no matter how much we’d like them to. Any damage caused through normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. What the warranty covers is any and all manufacturing and material defects up to 12 months from the date of original purchase. There’s a more detailed list of what is and isn’t covered, below.

Proof of purchase will be required to support any warranty claim.

Bats returned under warranty will be assessed by the Swannack team. If covered by the warranty, the bat will be repaired, or if that is not viable replaced or part replaced (a new bat offered at a substantially discounted price), depending on the condition of the bat and the nature of the damage.

Please include the warranty claim form when returning your item.

Types of Damage

Here are some common mishaps on the field that are considered normal wear and tear. They may cause damage to a bat, but are not due to the manufacturing process or the material used, and are therefore not covered by the warranty:

Shoulder damage

When the ball is struck hard on the top, thin edge of the bat, it can cause the wood to split. This should be repaired promptly to prevent further damage and, thankfully, will not affect toe performance of the bat.

Surface or edge cracking

This is common with use. It’s nothing to worry about on the face of the blade, and any minor cracks can be sealed with superglue. But, if the cracking is excessive, the bat should be repaired, followed by the application of a facing and edge protector. 

Horizontal cracks

These little devils often appear on the toe of the bat because of moisture uptake from the ground and excessive tapping. It causes the pressed surface to delaminate from the toe of the bat and, if it’s not repaired, excessive damage may occur and the bats performance may be affected. The cracks need to be glued before being tightly clamped.

Yorker damage

When the ball is trapped between the toe of the bat and the ground while making a shot, it can create a split through the toe of the bat, going up towards the handle. The severity of the crack depends on the power of the shot and the hardness of the ball and ground. The bat should be removed from use immediately and returned for assessment and repair. In severe cases the bat may be unsuitable for further use.

Corner cracking or denting

Usually caused by a hard, mistimed shot on the bottom corner of the bat. It’s normally easily repaired without any significant loss to performance of the bat.

This may be covered by your warranty:

Handle problems

If the handle cracks or breaks, this is sometimes due to material failure. If this happens within your warranty period, the bat will be re-handled free of charge and returned at no cost. Should the handle break outside the warranty period, we’ll advise you of the cost of repair and postage, before carrying out any work.